Suffering Training | Thorns and Gold

Why does God allow us to suffer?  Sometimes it seems like he wants us to suffer.  Is God cruel?  Is God a sadist?  He even planned that his own son would suffer.  What’s up with that?


I wrote a guest post for my friend Tanya Marlow’s blog (Thorns and Gold) entitled:

Suffering Training | Thorns and Gold.  How does God bring good out of our suffering?  While you are there, check out some of her other posts on looking for Gold among the Thorns in our lives.

Tanya Marlow


  1. Seth, that’s not actually relevant to the post even if it was true. I think God makes suffering happen sometimes for reasons we don’t get and He knows that our holiness is more important than our happiness but the holiness-produced happiness is the real deal and leads to glory.

  2. Omg I’m listening to this newsflash about a massacre of 27 peeps in Connecticut by some psychotic guy. Why the heck would God let this happen and not prevent it????

  3. Student: Dear God, why do you let these killings go on in the schools?
    God: Dear student, I’m not allowed in schools.

  4. uMMM Charles, there’s nothing “light” about the massacre in CT. Get real and realize how stupid it was to say that. what does the age of the news have to do with its importance anyhow? and just because other massacres happened before doesn’t mean this one is trivial. wtf smarten up!

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