David Lamb: Is God really’Angry, Sexist and Racist’? – The Washington Post

Another version of the interview, this time from The Washington Post (I’ve heard of them):

David Lamb: Is God really’Angry, Sexist and Racist’? – The Washington Post.

The big news yesterday was John Kerry and Dave Lamb.  It must have been a slow news day.

You don’t need to read the same interview over and over again, but you should at least check out the Post’s website.

Washington Post GBB




  1. Dave, this is awesome! YOu are awesome! Your book is awesome! and God is the most awesome!! I am so glad your faithfulness and scholarship is being rewarded and recognized, and that this book is getting noticed!I am so proud of you. I have already passed your book on to several friends who have told me it has really ministered to them and helped them struggle with some negative passages and feelings about God.Thanks for your ministry to the world and to the church through all you do. Suzanne Shaw

    Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 22:15:28 +0000 To: suzanneshawmft@hotmail.com

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