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Dave’s speaking again

Back in October I canceled 5 speaking engagements due to my health problems (damaged vocal chords, serious reflux, sleeplessness, panic attacks, weight loss–25 pounds).  Since those cancelations, I haven’t agreed to any outside teaching engagements (I have continued to teach at my Seminary, and at my church).

Memorial Baptist ChurchBut this Sunday, that changes.  I’m going to preach at Memorial Baptist Church in Columbia, Missouri.

God has been slowly healing me.  Praise God and thank you to all my friends who have been consistently praying for me.

My vocal cords are almost 100%, and the reflux is under control.  I still have to take four monster pills every day–I call them über-Tums–but only rarely do I need to take real Tums.  And the best news of all: I’ve begun to eat dessert again (only small pieces so far–OK, small for me is normal size for most people).

God has been teaching me profound spiritual lessons along the way (see my past few blog posts for details).

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If you’re looking for someone to speak on the Old Testament, particularly God Behaving Badly, let me know (dlamb@biblical.edu).  The calendar for 2013 is currently wide-open.

Thank you Jesus, for healing me, and the lessons you’ve been teaching me. 

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