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The Bible’s Secrets Revealed

Bible Secrets RevealedThe History Channel is about to start a 6-part series entitled:

Bible Secrets Revealed, starting tonight (Wed, Nov. 13, 2013) at 10:00 ET.  Program your DVR’s.

You can watch a preview here.

Although, I haven’t seen it, I know I have a few friends in it.  (I’m hurt they didn’t invite me to participate.)

I’m sure parts of it will be great, much of it will be interesting, and some of it I won’t agree with, but I think it’s still good to listen to people I disagree with.  Biblical scholars often disagree, which gives us something to argue about.

And for a series like this to seem new, or novel, they’ll need to sensationalize the newest “findings”.

We’ll see.  I’ll watch and comment as I can (although, this is busy teaching period for me until mid-Dec).

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you watch it.