Interview with Jonathan Merritt

marriage-according-to-the-bible_502913cd3d101_w1500My interview with Jonathan Merritt of Religion News Service about Prostitutes and Polygamists was posted last Friday.  As of today (12 April 2016) it has been shared over 1000 times on Facebook, and tweeted almost a thousand times.

This type of response doesn’t normally happen to things I write, but apparently, it’s meeting a felt need.

If you find it helpful, please share.


One comment

  1. Friends have wondered about the appropriateness of this info-graphic. I address both it’s humor (at least I find it funny), and it’s misrepresentation of Scripture and the biblical view of marriage in Prostitutes and Polygamists at length (see chapter 3). In short, it confuses descriptive texts (what is) with prescriptive texts (what ought to be).

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