Righteous Jehu and His Evil Heirs book cover

Righteous Jehu and His Evil Heirs

The Deuteronomist's Negative Perspective on Dynastic Succession
David T. Lamb
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David T. Lamb examines not only the dynasty of Jehu within the narrative of 2 Kings, but also the broader context of the dynasties of Israel and Judah in the books of Kings and Samuel. Lamb discusses religious aspects of kingship (such as anointing, divine election, and prayer) in both the Old Testament and in the literature of the ancient Near East. He concludes that the Deuteronomistic editor, because of a deep concern that leaders be divinely chosen and obedient to Yahweh, sought to subvert the monarchical status quo by shaping the Jehuite narrative to emphasize that dynastic succession disastrously fails to produce righteous leaders.

… beautifully organized, fluently written, and strongly and logically argued. There is constant engagement with the scholarly literature on Kings, and Lamb has made excellent use of extra-biblical materials… In short, Lamb has made a scholarly contribution in a neglected area. His work will … set the agenda for future debate.

Professor Robert R. Wilson

Yale University

Oxford University Press; 1st edition (January 10, 2008)
Hardcover, 288 pages
ISBN: 978-0199231478
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