Exploring ‘God Behaving Badly’

Dave at BucknellThe headline story on Associated Baptist Press on Friday focused on God Behaving Badly, where I was interviewed by Jeff Brumley about the book and my sermon at Memorial Baptist Church in Columbia, MO.

Check it out the interview: Exploring ‘God Behaving Badly’.  (No, the picture wasn’t from this weekend, but from almost a year ago at Bucknell.  Since the picture, I’ve lost weight and hair.)

Kevin Glenn, the pastor of the church, is going to continue speaking on God Behaving Badly.

Healthwise, I was good (thanks to those of you who were praying), but we had troubles with flights.  We had two separate flights get canceled on us (fog in Philly), so we didn’t return until today (Monday), which meant the boys were home alone.  Upon our arrival, we were pleased to see the house still standing.


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