Something is missing

When you’re looking at a book on Amazon, there’s a blue tab that says, “Look inside” to allow you to magically look at some content, a free sample like you get at Costco.

I looked inside a few days ago to peruse the list of contributors for the new Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary.  I had written twelve articles, so I guess I was being a bit narcissistic (see my post on the dictionary and the twelve articles here).

There was something missing between Brian Labosier and Bernon Lee.  An author was left out.

I think my narcissism was duly punished.  Ouch.

Some Bible Dictionaries include the name of the author after each article.  Unfortunately, this one doesn’t do that.

I emailed my contacts to inform them of the oversight.  I then received several apologetic emails.  I was told the problem would be fixed in the next printing.

When I told my wife she said, “That sounds like plagiarism, using someone’s work and not giving them credit.”  Yes, but there were thousands of articles and scores of contributors.  It’s a reasonable mistake.  (But why not leave someone else’s name out instead of mine?)

They are sending me a free copy of the dictionary (without my name).

My favorites were the articles on Jacob, Lot, Jephthah, Hosea the book and Hosea the person.

I’ll get over the blow to my pride.  But my inner narcissist thought I should blog about it.

How do you feel when you don’t get credit for something you’ve done.  


  1. And I bought it because you recommended it! I like dictionaries like this since the entries are concise while at the same time thorough enough to give good content. I would really like to have the name of the author after each entry, too.

  2. In my humble opinion, it’s more than a blow to your pride. It seems disrespectful. I agree with your wife: plagiarism. If merely an oversight, it’s still detrimental to the exposure and influence the Lord is giving you. It could also be a legal matter, if the publisher receives financial gain using your material, without due credit/ remuneration to you. The Lord loves justice!

    Having said that, I personally “commit my cause” to the Lord when dealt with unrighteously. Because to Whom else can I turn to fix/ restore the damage done?

    Wow, I really made a big deal out of this, didn’t I? Oh my goodness. You can see I’ve had experience with similar situations. So I’m ready to “come up swinging” when it happens to someone else! May God bless you and make this right!

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