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God is the Same, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

On Sunday, May 21, I preached at Franconia Mennonite Church on “God is the Same, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.” If you’ve read God Behaving Badly, you may be wondering, “Don’t you say, ‘God changes’ in your book?” Well, that’s a good question. As I state in this sermon, God’s character doesn’t change, but our prayers do make a difference to God. I talk about Hezekiah’s prayer (2 Kings 20), and the Syrophoenician woman’s “prayer” to Jesus (Mark 7). And I tell my story of health issues, including my recent colon cancer surgery. When I was discouraged, sitting in my hospital room, wondering if God was going to heal me, God remained faithful to me. I hope this helps to motivate you to pray. The video is 47 minutes. I start at about 5 minutes, and go for about 30. Enjoy.

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